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Gillette Group Expansion

At the dawn of the new millennium the Gillette Group was confronted with all the challenges and opportunities that this millennium would offer and resolved to create the organization that would challenge the minds of this and future generations. We resolved to create an organization that would challenge the economic order and re-establish the business paradigms of Trinidad and Tobago.

That the new millennium would lend itself naturally to this resolution and that the Gillette Group would rise to the challenge presented in 2001 there was no doubt. Implicit in all momentous changes there were many questions that needed answers. How do we as the Gillette Group compete in a global economy? What role will we define for ourselves in this new order? Are we in Trinidad and Tobago capable of supporting industries such as these?

The next four years brought many momentous changes to this Group and the Group trained its sights on the provision of competitive products and services to major players in the US market. Through our alliances with North American partners in the Contact Centre, Manufacturing, Medical Transcription and ICT industries we have successfully negotiated contracts with major Fortune 500 companies who are awaiting our future capacity expansions.

Gillette Group companies, Retrofit and DirecOne are two such companies that have gained international recognition in both the Manufacturing and Contact Centre industry. TYCO International and Sprint are two examples of such business partnering; both have (within the past three (3) years) been awarding progressively larger contracts to Retrofit and DirecOne.

The successes of both DirecOne and Voice Works have stimulated demand for us to increase our loading capacities in all our centers. This year 2005 has seen the expansion of the DirecOne Call Centre group business and the subsequent rollout of two additional centres, one situated in Trinidads Sister isle at Signal Hill, Tobago and the other in the heart of downtown Port of Spain, the nations capital city. These group companies by themselves have already purchased future capacity for at least the next three years. We expect this trend to continue as our companies meet and surpass the standards expected by our international customers